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About Iran Airtour Virtual Airline

Iran Airtour virtual airlines was founded on 8th November 2018. Our virtual airline based on real schedules, hubs, fleets and routes. Also we have some tours and events which are not real and they just for fun! Iran Airtour virtual Airlines is a privately organized and not related to Real Iran Airtour Airlines.
Airtour management team


From 8th October 2018 till now :)

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since the launch of Iran Airtour VA.

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Best Pilot

Best Pilot Of Last Month :

Positon Prize PID - Pilot Name Point
10 charter flights IRB202 - Kambiz Mahmoudzadeh 900
5 charter flights IRB100 - Amir Hossein Mahdioun 520
2 charter flights IRB101 - Parham Fooladvand 220

Staff Team

Here are our staff member

Speaker 2

Amir Hossein Mahdioun

vAirtour President (CEO)

Speaker 2

Parham Fooladvand

Assistant Chief executive officer (ACEO)

Speaker 4

Mohammad Absheet

Operation Manager

Courses Schedule

Here is our courses schedule

You can follow and join our online aviation courses from here.
We have no any online course now!

vAirtour Statics

our pilots

Our Pilots

Total Hours

Total Hours





Last Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Register Time Landing Info
IRB943AHamidreza ZeinaliOIFMOIMMMD-82EP-MDE01.36-232 ft/m Pending
IRB930AHamidreza ZeinaliOIIIOIFMMD-82EP-MDE00.56-265 ft/m Pending
IRB943JAmir Hossein MahdiounOIFMOIMMB737-300JY-JAY01.21-216 ft/m Pending
IRB930JAmir Hossein MahdiounOIIIOIFMB737-300JY-JAY00.57-457 ft/m Pending
IRB936JBehnam KavehOIIIOITTB737-300JY-JAY00.58-179 ft/m Pending
IRB937AHamidreza ZeinaliOITTOIIIMD-82EP-MDE01.24-69 ft/m Pending
IRB957JAmir Hossein MahdiounOIAWOIIIB737-300JY-JAY00.59-62 ft/m Pending
B9106BAmir Hossein MahdiounOIFMOIAWB737-300JY-JAZ00.43-199 ft/m Accepted
IRB930AAmir Hossein MahdiounOIIIOIFMMD-82EP-MDE00.52-336 ft/m Accepted
B9-350Parham FooladvandOICIOIGGMD-82EP-MDG01.24-8 ft/m Accepted
B9-350Parham FooladvandOIMMOIBBMD-82EP-MDG01.56-96 ft/m Accepted
B9-800Parham FooladvandOIIPOIMMA300-600EP-MNM01.16-126 ft/m Accepted
IRB957BSeyed Alireza AlaviOIAWOIIIMD-83EP-MDF01.10-458 ft/m Accepted
B9951Moein YousefiniaOITTOIIIA310TC-SGC1.00-250 ft/m Accepted
B9951Moein YousefiniaOITTOIIIB737-500UR-CPE1.00-250 ft/m Rejected
IRB989MAmir Hossein MahdiounOIAWOIIIB737-500UR-CGZ00.58-353 ft/m Accepted
IRB8050IKambiz MahmoudzadehOITTOIKBA320EP-TTA02.14-186 ft/m Accepted
IRB973IKambiz MahmoudzadehOIBKOITTA320EP-TTA02.15-184 ft/m Accepted
IRB998IKambiz MahmoudzadehOIMMOIBKA320EP-TTA02.04-232 ft/m Accepted
IRB956MAmir Hossein MahdiounOIIIOIAWB737-500UR-CGZ01.02-215 ft/m Accepted
B9-3350Parham FooladvandOIBKOIIPA300-600EP-MDN01.36-43 ft/m Accepted
IRB925IKambiz MahmoudzadehOISSOIMMA320EP-TTA01.34-295 ft/m Accepted
IRB996JAmir Hossein MahdiounOIIIOIBKB737-300JY-JAY01.46-368 ft/m Accepted
IRB996GParham FooladvandOIIIOIBKA300-600EP-MNM01.43-106 ft/m Accepted
IRB942BAmir Hossein MahdiounOIMMOIFMMD-83EP-MDF01.48-281 ft/m Accepted
B9-8501Parham FooladvandOICIOIIIMD-82EP-MDG01.31-141 ft/m Accepted
IRB937EAmirmohammad RabbaniOITTOIIIMD-82EP-MDG01.01-274 ft/m Accepted
IRB936EAmirmohammad RabbaniOIIIOITTMD-82EP-MDG01.00-343 ft/m Accepted
IRB943KAmir Hossein MahdiounOIFMOIMMB737-300JY-JAZ01.26-255 ft/m Accepted
IRB910IKambiz MahmoudzadehOITTOISSA320EP-TTA01.49-176 ft/m Accepted
B9104AKambiz MahmoudzadehOIAAOITTA320EP-TTA01.31-188 ft/m Accepted


Which locations we have fly to


All routes are scheduled on reallity


Here are our base airports (hubs)



  • A Virtual Airline (VA) is a member-driven group which aims to simulate the flights and operations of an airline, charter operation or flying club. Some may be based on real world companies (like Iran Airtour vA) while others are fictional. The route structure of virtual airlines may be regional, national, continental, or global.
    Each VA is different in terms of how "realistic" it is in different areas: for example; ranking structure, the amount of training required to fly different aircraft types, the corporate management structure, and standard operating procedures.

  • To join us you must enroll and pass the enterance exam with score 80% or greater. Then you'll redirect to register page to fill your personal information to register.

  • We welcome all users of any simulator with open warm. So you should have one of the simulators (FSX, P3D, X-PLANE)

  • We are using SMART-CARS client to record simulator's data.

  • Ommmm.....Yes and NO! You should know a little about aviation to pass enterance exam. That's no difficult. It's about general aviation and rules such as "You shouldn't exceed 250KT below 10,000 ft"
    So you should know the basic of aviation


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Active Exams

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vAirtour Enterance Exam

  • Atleast eighteen (18) years or older
  • Aviation Knowledge
  • have a legal copy of a supported flight simulator

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